The Marques Group is proud to hold a unique industrial capacity in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, which has been deployed and consolidated throughout various decades. Its origins can be traced back to construction-related activities, such as the aggregates and ready-mixed concrete industries, but it soon took a step towards diversification, having the utilisation of the Region’s natural resources as a common factor.

In all segments of activity which comprise the industrial component of the Group, the deployed capacity, the technological proficiency and the accrued experience enable a prompt and quality response to all requests, even the more complex and demanding ones.

Recently, the Marques Group has been involving in various pilot projects, in such diverse sectors as the industry of materials (basalt fibres) or the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. We trust that these attempts may give rise in the future to some projects with commercial viability, of great added value and oriented towards the international markets.

At the moment, the most significant activities of industrial nature are as follows:

  • Extractive industry: crushed stone (aggregates for construction) and ornamental rocks (traditional basalt and olivine basalt)
  • Wood industries: wood sawing, carpentry of various kinds, components and products of housing furniture.
  • Non-metallic mineral products: production of ready-mixed concrete, concrete products and bituminous mixtures.
  • Metalworking: metallic constructions and structures (steel, aluminium), general mechanics
  • Repair and setting-up of machinery and equipment.