Engineering, Construction & Industry


Marques Engenharia & Construção is the largest conglomerate in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, executing works contracts both in the Autonomous Region and on mainland Portugal. It comprises the following companies:

Marques S.A.– the construction company of the group. Management System based on the reference standards NP EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, NP EN ISO 14001:2015. Track record: completion of public or private works, namely the rehabilitation of various buildings, buildings intended for housing, hotels, hypermarkets, educational institutions, health facilities, industry and environment infrastructures as well as airports, ports, parks, among others.

Marques Britas S.A.– which gathers various business sectors of industry, assuming itself as a leading company in the distribution of concrete, production of aggregates, Japanese cedar wood, basalt, aluminium, asphalt, among others. It has a unique production capacity in the region, being fully fitted out with technologically advanced equipment, skilled human resources and high quality raw materials. The company has been increasing the quality of its products, making it possible to satisfy the construction market and the public works of the Region. It heavily invests in the increase of exports of both endogenous products and innovative products.

Soluções M, S. A.– which focuses on the storage, distribution and marketing of steel products and construction materials, with a strong physical presence in the eastern group and in the central group of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, extending its sphere of influence onto the other islands of the Azores. In São Miguel, it is equipped with a logistics centre located in Chão do Rego d’Água and two proximity stores, located in Vila Franca and Ponta Delgada. The warehouse and store supporting the central group of the Autonomous Region is located in Praia da Vitória, in Terceira.

Marques Inovação & Ambiente– It intends to assert itself as a reference unit in the areas of Innovation, Research and Development of the RAA, privileging endogenous products and promoting the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy, aiming at complementing external commercialization.

Adro da Fonte– company where the assets of the group can be found