Cryptomeria Wood, Basalt, Essential Oils, Hydrolates and Basalt Powder

In 2014, the Marques Group decided to expand its presence to other regions, having for that purpose created an autonomous structure suited for the carrying out of international businesses. This initiative was founded on the intent to promote the utilisation and export of the derived products of the endogenous resources of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, using to that effect the industrial capacity, the logistical means and the management skills that the Group possesses.

Early on, this sector, started to prove to be a winning bet for the Group, as it is notorious for the progression of the sales volume which grew, sustainably, from 0.5 million euros in 2015 to a value close to 1.4 million in 2018 and having already reached, in 2020, the value of approximately 2.2 million euros. Given the annual growth, always in excess of double digits, it is an area where the Marques Group intends to continue investing, capitalising the local product´s transformation into a value-added for exportation.


Timber: a considerable quantity of the exports corresponds for now to processed wood in the form of boards and beams of the dominant species in the regional forest (Cryptomeria Japonica), having the North American and European continents as main markets.

Stone: aggregates of basalt, basalt slabs, black and red lapilli, pyroclasts, among others.

The new MI&A company intends to establish itself as a reference unit in the areas of Innovation, Research and Development of the RAA, giving priority to Endogenous Products and promoting the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy, aiming at complementing external commercialization. Among several products, we can highlight the following:

Essential Oils: These oils from the Essentia Azorica brand are liquid natural substances, 100% pure extracted by steam distillation, from flowers, leaves, roots and other parts of plants of Azorean origin. They have therapeutic action when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Can be used in aromatherapy. With a carrier oil, they can also be used in massages and various SPA treatments.

Hydrolates: distillates of herbs, flowers and other plants of Azorean origin, also known as floral waters, hydrolates, herbal waters and essential waters, are aqueous products resulting from hydrodistillation. With hydrolates, we can enjoy the properties of essential oils more economically. Because they are mild, extremely diluted, they can be used on babies, children, the elderly, pregnant women because they act smoothly and effectively.

Basalt Powder: results from an ultra-fine grinding process of aggregates (small volcanic stones) of the company Marques Britas, SA from the island of São Miguel (Azores), recognized by Olivina Basalt. It is, therefore, transformed by an industrial crusher that reduces the stones to particles until, finally, a very fine, soft and uniform powder is obtained. It is an ideal product for cosmetic purposes, massages, exfoliations, etc.

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Distillery: essential oils and hydrolates. Other Products: basalt powder and natural diffusers