About us

The origins of the Marques Group trace back to 1979, when it was founded as a construction company, the Marques, Lda, nowadays designated Marques, SA. The company maintains its family owned business identity, currently being one of the greatest private business groups of the Azores, with more than 500 direct workers. It is present in four main business areas – Construction, Industry, Exports and Health Care.

Marques Engenharia e Construção is the sector’s largest conglomerate in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, executing works contracts both in the region and in mainland Portugal. It employs around 450 workers. Besides the direct presence in the construction and public works sector, ensured through Marques, SA, this business area also comprises some relevant industrial activities, organised at Marques Britas, SA, with emphasis being placed on the extractive industries (crushed stone and ornamental rocks), wood industry (sawing, carpentry), non-metallic minerals (concrete, bituminous mixtures) and metalworking.

The presence in the health care sector is ensured by:

Clínica de São Sebastião. This health care services unit is characterised by more than 30 specialities and a clinical staff composed of approximately 80 physicians who carry out a wide range of services, from appointments and complementary diagnostic tests to medical and nursing services and surgeries.

Marques Inovação e Ambiente (MI&A). This company, which is an incubator of innovative projects, created and develops the CUIDAR e VIVER project, consisting of a Geriatrics Unit and, soon, a Convalescence Unit. The CUIDAR e VIVER project provides Health Support Services to the geriatric population.

In 2014, we started an export process which, together with the industrial activity and production activity of the Marques Group, have already managed to export in 2016 more than 0.9 million €.

Since 2021, the new company MI&A, intends to assert itself as a reference unit in the areas of Innovation, Research and Development of the RAA, giving priority to endogenous products and enhancing the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy, complementing external marketing. Here, the business area of ​​hydrodistillation of flowers, leaves, roots and other parts of plants of Azorean origin stands out, with the creation of essential oils, hydrolates and complementary products with the ESSENTIA AZORICA brand.



The senior direction of the Group’s businesses is ensured by the Board of Directors of the Marques SGPS, SA, where the founding shareholders of the Group, Mr. Primitivo Marques (Chairman) and Ms. Maria Manuela Marques (Vice-Chairman), are present. The third member of this collegiate member is Mr. Pedro Marques, who belongs to the Family’s second generation and acts as Chief Executive Officer.

As a rule, each company constitutes a so-called Business Unit, the operational management of which is entrusted a General Manager who answers directly to the Chief Executive Officer. The structure of the Group’s senior management is completed with the Chief Financial Officer and the Coordinator of Shared Services.

In each one of the two main business areas (Construction and Distribution) there is an Executive Committee, which all persons in charge of the respective business units and other senior officials performing executive or advisory duties are a part of. The Committee performs internal coordination duties and provides advice to the Chief Executive Officer,