Social Responsability

We are a big family

 The Marques family always supported various public and private institutions in the fields of Culture, Sports and Leisure in the Azores, in addition to establishing many protocols of cooperation with other companies with the purpose to create special conditions for services and products to its workers and families.


In Culture


The Marques, SGPS SA Company is a sponsor of the Teatro Micaelense and of the Coliseu Micaelense.




It has concluded throughout the years protocols of cooperation with, for instance, the Lagoa Secondary School with a Study Grant awarded to a student who is finishing her degree at Lisbon’s Faculty of Medicine, besides the construction of the Parque Vulcanológico (Vulcanologic Park). It has also concluded protocols with the Economics and Management Department of the Azores University and with the Association of Friends of the Carlos Machado Museum.



The Marques family acknowledges that by investing in the students of the Azores schools it is promoting the training of great professionals, whose workforce and character may be crucial to the labour dynamics of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, therefore it also distinguished the best students of some of São Miguel’s schools with specific awards, on account of the belief that incentive and reward favour the consistence of merit. As such, in 2006 Marques, SGPS, SA launched the programme “A pensar no futuro” (“thinking about the future”), destined to plan Field Trips of São Miguel’s schools, opening the doors of the company’s facilities to all students and teachers of all levels of education with the purpose of making the students and trainees reflect on their professional future.


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Support to Grupo Desportivo Comercial, an entity taking on the organisation of Rally events in São Miguel, Rosinhas Vólei Clube, an entity taking on the organisations of motocross and ACSport competitions, and the organisation of Karting competitions. The competitions: Super Especial Grupo Marques of Sata Rallye of the Azores, competition counting for the Azorean, National and the IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) championships, besides the PEC Marques in the vicinities of the Marques Britas’ quarry. In Motocross, the Grand Prix Marques Group, in the vicinities of the company of the Soluções M. company.


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In the field of Leasure, Marques has been supporting various entities, namely the Lions Clube da Lagoa and the Associação Portas do Mar, among other private enterprises.




  • In 2012 Mr. Marques was distinguished with the Portuguese Award of Valour;
  • In September 2012, the Rede Valorizar was present at the head office of the Marques Group SGPS, in Ribeira Grande, in the ceremony for the Award of the Vocational Certificates and the Academic Qualifications Diplomas of the group’s workers. It was a partnership between Rede Valorizar, the Ribeira Grande Vocational School and the Marques Group, which enabled the professional and school advancement of yet another group of Azoreans.


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Even though the GM provides assistance on a daily basis to more than 20 needy families, it was not enough. Therefore, the Projeto (project) Nó was implemented. As a result, various cans “O Nó” are handed out all over the Group, so that the workers may make a contribution in money throughout the year. Around Christmas, the amount collected is added to the assistance already provided and used to buy baskets filled with products of excellent nutritional quality.